ehub is an energy research and technology transfer platform aimed at optimizing energy management at district level and evaluating its influence on the overall energy system. In conjunction with the Empa demonstrators NEST and move, ehub can be used to combine energy flows in the mobility, housing and work sector, test new energy concepts under real-world conditions and explore the potential for increasing efficiency and reducing CO2.

ehub can be used by students, researchers and developers in small, large, national or international reasearch & development projects. If you want to get started a good starting point is here.

Building (NEST)

The buildings of NEST - the so-called units - provide space for different usages like leisure facilities, office space or residential apartments. Each unit has a different energy consumption, generation profile and different modifiable attributes. The currently implemented units are: DFAB HOUSE, Meet2Create, Solar Fitness & Wellness, SolAce, Urban Mining & Recycling and Vision Wood.

Mobility (move)

move, the demonstrator for future mobility, displays different possibilities for using renewable electricity from PV systems for mobility – in the form of hydrogen, synthetic methane and grid batteries.


The building (NEST) and mobility demonstrator (move) host several hardware which is described in detail here. It covers every energy related technology implemented in the ehub.


Here everything about how to access the available data is described. It is explained in detail how to set up a real time connection with a variety of clients and how to extract historical data.


Here, everything about our research is documented. You’ll find all the needed data, module and code combined with a brief description of the project.

Q & A

The Q & A section covers all the questions we expect you to have.