Example over steering

Get familiar with the required signals to control the device

  1. Get familiar with the required signals to control the device
    • In general there are two case, a fallback case (case 0) and a research case (case 1).
    • If no alarm (A00), the device is released (D98), Watchdog is working and the researcher request a (F99) for research, the device is in the research mode (case 1).
    • if an alarm occurs, the watchdog or request is missing, the device switchs back to the fallback mode (case 0)



1) Set 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_Y00 = 65 (control value from 0-100%)


2) 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_F99 = TRUE (research mode request)

ns=2; s=Gateway.PLC1.65NT-06401-D001.PLC1.Dummy.strWrite_L.strVentile.strY720.bReqResearch

3) 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_F96 (5s TRUE, 5s FALSE) (research mode Watchdog)

ns=2; s=Gateway.PLC1.65NT-06401-D001.PLC1.Dummy.strWrite_L.strVentile.strY720.bWdResearch


4) If 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_A00 = FALSE (no alarm)

ns=2; s=Gateway.PLC1.65NT-06401-D001.PLC1.Dummy.strRead.strVentile.strY720.bError

5) AND 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_D99 = TRUE (research mode confirmation)

ns=2; s=Gateway.PLC1.65NT-06401-D001.PLC1.Dummy.strRead.strVentile.strY720.bAckResearch

6) The researcher has the control until the condition from number 2,3,4,5 are fulfilled.

7) If everything is working, the measured value should be the same like the control value : 65NT_DUMMY_Y720_M00 = 65

(you can now play around with the control value)

ns=2; s=Gateway.PLC1.65NT-06401-D001.PLC1.Dummy.strRead.strVentile.strY720.rIstwert