Historical data

The historical data are data which are stored in an MS SQL data base. All data is organized according to the AKS code. We prepared some tutorials/ explanations to help you connect to our data base.You can extract data with an ordinary SQL Query, which can be done in various programming environments. The Options are SQL, Visualizer, Python, Matlab, RStudio, Grafana.


If you want to have any data related to the planing stage or historical, measured data you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Download the data use statement, fill it out and send a scan it to ehub@empa.ch. We’ll acknowledge your mail and send you the necessary credentials for the private wikipedia and the sql database

  2. Get familiar with the nomenclature of the hard ware on site. To find out about the most important available measurements the best graph is the Single Line

  3. As soon as you have the credentials you can access the private wikipedia which includes the data sheets of the available hardware. Furthermore you can now access the historical data via a suitable client.

Available clients