Attached the step by step description to access the data base with python. The data base can be accessed via an REST api from every where. The machine where this code runs can be anywhere. The minimal Sample time is around is 1 minute. It can be decreased for specific values if needed.

Install IDE

Since you decided to use python as your programming language I expect you are already having an IDE on your machine. If not I would recommend you to install pycharm or Anaconda. If you have little experience with python I strongly recommend you the tutorials of this guy.

Copy python file

You can directly download it here. As soon as you downloaded the zip file you can unzip it.

Open IDE and install needed libraries

Open the pycharm on your machine and open the folder “restclient”. Open the python script “” and enter your credentials. The credentials (username and password) are the same as the one for the visualizer.

import restclient
import pandas as pd

rest = restclient.client(username='username', password='password') # Example username='kner', password='babybell'

df_read =['401190042', '401190043','401190044', '401190045','401190046']),
                                         startDate='2019-4-02 11:01:00',
                                         endDate='2019-4-04 12:30:00')

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