UA Expert

Attached one option to access the data from your UA Expert. This is handy if you use Microsoft Windows. You can follow the step by step description.

Download client

You can download an OPC UA client with a suitable gui for free here

Install client

Please install the client on your machine. The first time, you open the software it asks to create an ssh certificate. This is needed to set up an encrypted communication to the available server.

Set up connection

You have to click on the blue plus in the upper left corner. After the window popped up please fill in the shown values into the the two layer “Discovery” and “Advanced”.

Connect to the server

Now you are ready to connect to the public server. I can be that the first time you are gone get an error. You can ignore it and try to reconnect.

Get a node

As soon as you successfully connected to the server you’ll see the available nodes/measurement points in the address space.

You can now open each folder until you get tu the node “lrGlobalstrahlung” which is the global radiation.

Get the value

To get the actual value you have to drag and drop the “lrGlobalstrahlung” into the Data Access View.


It is not possible to run multiple clients from the same machine. If your opc ua client in python is running you are more than likely to get an error.