How to access the managed server

Here you find out how to get access to the mighty managed server everyone is talking about.


  1. Open the remote desktop –> remote desktop –> Enter
  2. Add a gateway under Advanced –> Connect from anywhere –> Settings –> Connection settings –> server name “” and set Advanced–>Connect from anywhere –> Settings –> Logon Settings –> Use my RD Gateway credentials for remote computer to “true”

  3. Add a User under General –> Computer “NEST-MGMT01.nest.local” and Username “your username@nest.local”

  4. Connect


  1. Download the suggested app in the mac store. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Attention there are several remote desktop apps which are not working.

  2. Open the app and create a new desktop by clicking on the grey plus. After that you choose Desktop.

  3. In the popped up window you should see the following information. Please fill in the PC name “NEST-MGMT01.nest.local” and add a User Account under Add Desktop –> User Account –> Add User Account. Your username has been sent to you via mail. It’s something like “your username@nest.local”

  4. Add a Gateway under Add Desktop –> General –> Gateway –> Add Gateway. The information are “”