Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is provided by Meteo Schweiz and available in the NEST database. 2 times a day (7am, 7pm) the forecast received and predict the next 72h.

The weather forecast is stored in UTC+0. All other data are stored in local time

Difference between forecasts

Depends how you get the data from the database the forecast is different because of the aggregation

newest prediction

If you are interested in the newest prediction you can query the signals by the REST API

Name NumericId
outside temperature forecast [°C] (predict time) 402190000
relative humidity forecast [rfH %] (predict time) 402190001
Irradiation forecast [W/m2] (predict time) 402190002


Name Description required
NumericId (int) (path) NumericId: 402190002 true
Start Date (string date-time) (query) startDate: 2020-08-21 true
End Date (string date-time) (query) endDate: 2020-08-24 true

request (next 72h from 21.08.2020 (irradiation))



prediction by insert time (only available in the sql client)

If you need more information of the prediction time (_TIMESTAMP) and insert time (_NAME), then you have to query directly with the sql client

Name NumericId
outside temperature forecast [°C] 3200022
relative humidity forecast [rfH %] 3200023
Irradiation forecast [W/m2] 3200024

result (sql client)

19.6 2020-08-22 22:00:00.000 VNST48.202008210000.csv