The heating/cooling system of the unit DFAB is described here.

The aim of the heating system is to provide heating energy for the winter and heat for the heat pump during the transition period. The heating is taken from the MTE grid. The heating is separated from the MTE grid by a heat exchanger. The aim of the cooling system is to cool the rooms in summer. The cooling is taken from the MTE grid. The cooling is separated from the NTE grid by a heat exchanger. The energy is dissipated via floor heating system.

The system is switched on/off and via a adjustable heating cooling limit. The system is operated via weather-compensated flow temperature control. The set point for the flow temperature is calculated as a function of the outdoor temperature via an adjustable heating/cooling curve.

The room temperatures can be set individually for each heating circuit group via the room thermostats. For cooling, the controller units are switched to cooling mode in summer. It has three circuit controller in the unit. The circuit controller for the 3rd floor is located in room 374. The circuit controller for the 4th floor and the 5th floor are located in room 474.

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